lost apartment lost PC? (Clearwater)

I'm looking for someone from Clearwater who lost their apartment and their PC.
The landlord is my brother's friend. He does odd jobs for him like cleaning
properties to be prepped for new leases. He called me the other day and asked
if i wanted this PC stuff. He had no idea what to do with it and was just going to throw it away.
So I go to collect it. I tried asking what was going on with the owner but all he would say is
someone got behind on their rent and owes him for clean up.
The place was nearly cleaned out, like you had one last load to do, but maybe
you got locked out when the owner changed the locks.
I'm a huge pc tinker, builder myself, but after checking it out, I felt like
this was someone's baby. It was recently used and looks
like it had an issue and a new part was ordered to fix it, but something
happened and wasn't able to finish the fix and had to move out.
As much as I would like to keep it, I can't bear to keep someone else's baby with out first trying to reach out to the right owner.
loosing an apartment and your baby for what ever reason would be devastating to me.

Contact me and describe the tower, specifications and/or issue and I will return it to you!
3I6 2I8 87I2
I thought maybe we think alike and the first place I would go to if I lost my PC is here
looking for someone selling it, but in this case I want to turn your luck around and return it
I'm not just returning it to anyone. Only the rightful owner would be able to describe it.

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